These luminous fabric-covered ornaments are made without sewing a stitch, so they are the perfect project for kids old enough to work with pins. We covered the balls with satin, taffeta, and velvet and finished them with metallic-silver ribbons and twine.

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Using our template as a guide, cut out six sections of fabric for each ball on the fabric's bias (diagonal to the grain).

Step 2

Place a fabric section on the ball, stretching it pole to pole, and secure it with one pin at each pole.[See image 2 above.] Place the second section directly opposite the first, and pin it at each pole. Sections should meet or slightly overlap at poles. Pin remaining four fabric sections so that the ball is completely covered. Trim any excess fabric trim with embroidery scissors.

Step 3

With ribbon on its spool, pin ribbon's end at top pole, wind it around ball to cover seams, and pin it again at top pole; cut loose end. [See image 3 above.] Repeat two more times, covering remaining seams. If ends of trimmings fray, apply a dab of craft glue. You can use the same wrapping method to add strips of silver twine to the ball, one centered on each section.

Step 4

To finish the top, stack a pearl or bead on a pearl-head pin, then add a loop for hanging. Cut silver twine to desired length, dab glue on ends, and run pin through both ends of twine. Dip tip of pin in craft glue, and insert in ball; let dry before hanging. To finish bottom, add beads, pearls, or a tasseled ball to a pearl-head pin. You can embellish the sides by attaching beads and sequins with more pearl-head pins.


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