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Chic Tweaks: Shorts Cut

Source: Blueprint, January/February 2008


From Tired Trousers...
Standard flannel: After a while, it can leave you hot and bothered. Not in a good way.

To Winter-Weight Shorts
Wide-leg pants can be turned into shorts that are as comfortable as a skirt and offer even more coverage, says Katie. Hem them above the knee for the style shown (near left) or let them hang a few inches below your knees for a J. Lo gaucho look."

From Professorial Pants...
Wear these tweed numbers once more and you just might qualify for a doctorate in monotony.

To Knockout Knickers
For a street-savvy style, take up a pair of slim-leg pants (far right). "Think of them as your cold-weather capris, says Katie, who recommends combining them with a fluid top and vest, plus dark opaque tights and heels, to elongate your silhouette.

Tailor How-To
1. Both styles require a simple hem job. But if you're not up to it, bring your pants to a tailor.

2. For the shorts, ask for a length a few inches above your knee. For the knickers, request a hem that falls about 2 inches below. Approximate cost: $15-$20

Credits, above left: Operations "Day" blazer, $425, 212-334-4950. Maggie Ward "Neve Racer" tank, $95, Ron Herman, 323-651-4129. Erotokritos oxfords, $410, Chartreuse Imports, 512-674-3664. DKNY Hosiery Heavy Metal" tights, $20, for stores.

Credits, above right: Autumn Cashmere Grandfather" vest, $260, Laundry By Design blouse, $145, for stores. DKNY Oona" platforms, $345, for stores. DKNY Hosiery Opaque Coverage" tights, $13, for stores. Motif 56 belt, $60, Henri Bendel, 800-423-6335. Wendy Mink earrings, $120, 212-260-5298. Marcia Moran for Supplements bracelet, $75, Fortunoff, 800-367-8866


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