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Travel Must-Haves

The Martha Stewart Show, May 2007

Martha shared these favorite things that she always bring with her on an airplane whenever she travels.

- Pashmina to cover
- Guide books to familiarize herself with a destination
- Ham and cheese sandwich from Lady M
- Computer for writing and uploading photos
- Magazines
- Catalogs
- Work
- Socks (cashmere or slip-ons)
- Post-Its
- Pens
- Camera
- Ear phones (for movies)
- Blackberry
- Telephone
- Deck of cards
- Vitamin supplements
- Airborne
- Dr. Hauschka facial toner
- Yon-Ka pamplemousse
- Yon-Ka hydrant 60
- Eyedrops
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste

Learn more about Lady M at, Dr. Hauschka at, and Yon-Ka at

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