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Have You Tried Flat-Iron Steak?

Everyday Food, November 2008

A steakhouse supper at home doesn't have to cost a pretty penny -- not when you decide on rich-tasting, affordable flat-iron steak.

Worth a Second Look
Tender, reasonably priced, and flavorful, flat-iron steak was originally named for its shape. Today, two cuts are sold as flat-iron; both are shoulder top-blade steaks, but they are cut differently. One has a strip of gristle in the center, and the other does not.

Get Cooking
The robust taste of flat-iron steak stands up to classic accents like red-wine or mustard sauces. Add south-of-the-border spices and it's a good cut for tacos. Try flat-iron steak in place of skirt or flank steak in quick-cooking kebabs and stir-fries, too (don't overcook it!).

At the Market
Flat-iron steak is widely available at supermarkets. If you don't see it, ask the butcher. Store in the refrigerator, and use within three to five days, or wrap tightly in plastic and freeze in a resealable plastic bag, up to six months.

Seared Flat-Iron Steaks with Wine Sauce
Flat-Iron Steak Tacos

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