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When you plant a garden with a colorful variety of annuals, it rewards you with almost instant gratification; within a month of planting, it begins to fill in and supply you with a summer's worth of blooms until the first hard frost. Since annuals mature quickly, they can be planted later in the season, once you have had a chance to take a breath after your springtime gardening duties.

Like any successful composition, an annual garden combines color, shape, texture, and depth. To give his garden height, Ken grows lush morning -- glory vines over tall pillars. He plants a hedge of columnar basil around the garden's borders to give it definition.

Trimming across the tops of the columnar basil plants with garden shears gives them a uniform, geometric appearance. A basil hedge smells prettier and matures much faster than a boxwood hedge. Between his towering morning -- glory pillars and basil hedge.

Plant Glossary
Family of bushy, shrub-like plants with bluish -- violet blooms

Verbena bonariensis
Stemmy with lilac -- colored blooms

Blue salvia 'Indigo Spires'
Grows 6 inches in a month

Scented geranium
Colorful blossoms and leaves; edible, slightly peppery flavor

Buttery-yellow blooms

Morning glory
Rapidly growing vines with colorful blossoms

Columnar basil
A bushy variety that grows upward quickly

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