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3 Organizing Tips for the Linen Closet

The Martha Stewart Show, April 2007

Follow these helpful tips to neatly organize your linen closet.

Tip 1

Store sheet sets together in one pillowcase in your linen closet or even in an armoire. Label and group your sheet sets by bedroom or by size, such as twin or full. Then, neatly stack sets on shelves. This way, when making up beds, you can easily find just what you need. Remember to always use the sheet set on top and to put clean sets, fresh from the wash, on the bottom. This rotation will ensure sheets wear evenly over time.

Tip 2

Adding brackets to closets or armoires is a great idea for neat stacks. Forming neat stacks prevents folded clothes and linens from toppling. Choose shelf brackets with the long side measuring just less than the height of your shelf and the short side equal or less than the depth; place the shorter side of each on the shelf and the longer side against the wall. To secure, drill two wood screws into each bracket from the shelf's underside.

Tip 3

Adding a bundle of chalk in a closet or armoire helps absorb extra moisture and keeps clothing and linens fresh and dry. Mount a hook in the closet or armoire, fasten a rubber band around a dozen pieces of chalk, and cover the band with ribbon, allowing enough loop to hang chalk.


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