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Everyday Food, Volume 16 October 2004

Relax with a glass of this refreshing and popular French wine on a quiet fall evening.

Where Does It Come From?
Sancerre is one of the best-known whites from the Loire Valley in France. Only those wines that are produced in and around the hilltop town of Sancerre can bear its name.

What Does It Taste Like?
Made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape, Sancerre is slightly spicy and fruity, but crisper and tangier than other wines made from the same grape in the United States and New Zealand, among other places. This is in part because the climate is a lot cooler in the Loire Valley than in most wine regions of those other countries.

What Foods Does It Go With?
Sancerre is wonderful with goat cheese, mixed salads, and fish and chicken dishes.

How Much Does It Cost?
Sancerre can be a little pricey ($14 and above), so you may want to save it for a special meal.

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