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Frameless Frames

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, April 2007


If you're looking for a simple way to frame a beautiful piece of art, here's a Good Thing that we often use for our set: a frameless frame. It creates a clean look. And, if you have an odd-size print that you want to hang, it's a cost-effective alternative to custom-framing.


  • Print or photograph

  • Glass, cut to size of print or photograph

  • Foam core

  • Mat knife

  • Frame clips


  1. Measure your print and buy a piece of cut glass to fit it.

  2. Mark measurements on foam core and cut to size of print with mat knife.

  3. Lay print against foam core and place cut sheet of glass on top, lining up all sides.

  4. Place 1 frame clip at each corner to connect the glass, print, and foam core. (Clips generally come with a cord to hang your picture.)

  5. Download and print the frame diagram. Following the diagram and starting at bottom left corner, string cord through all 4 clips. Then thread cord over top cord and bring back down to opposite corner (creating an upside-down V). Tie knot at the end. (You can also use a plate hanger to hang a print.)

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