Golden-Cedar Wreath How-To

Go for the gold and enrich a simple cedar wreath with tiny bells, sprigs of golden cedar, and a matching satin bow.


Nothing spreads Christmas cheer quite like jingle bells. While we enjoy the classic tune, incorporate the gold jingling bells into your décor with this simple DIY. Create this festive winter wreath for the holidays, sure to delight all season long.

What You'll Need


  • 22-inch-diameter cedar wreath
  • 24-gauge gold wire
  • 3/4-inch gold bells
  • Wired floral picks
  • Sprigs of golden cedar
  • 3 yards of 2-3/4-inch-wide gold satin ribbon
  • Scissors
  • U pins
  • Thumbtacks
  • Felt-tipped marker
  • Hammer and nail


  1. Slip one 5-inch length of gold wire through tops of three bells. Bring ends of wire together, and twist. Repeat to create 12 three-bell bundles. Wrap floral-pick wires around bell-bundle wires and golden-cedar-sprig stems to secure, making 12 cedar-and-bell bundles.

  2. Insert cedar-and-bell bundles evenly around wreath. Insert additional cedar sprigs to form a circle of yellow cedar.

  3. Wrap a 1-foot ribbon length around top of wreath. Secure at back with U pins. Stack two 2-foot ribbon pieces, faceup, atop each other. Tie loose knot at center. Attach resulting double-tailed knot to wreath with U pins, hiding pins by inserting them from inside knot. Trim ribbon tails to desired lengths.

  4. Fasten one end of the remaining ribbon at the top of the door with two thumbtacks.

  5. With ribbon hanging down door front, mark desired wreath position on ribbon with marker. Hammer nail through ribbon into door. Trim excess ribbon below nail to desired length, and hang wreath.

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