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First Aid for Wooden Floors

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 Mark Dunleavy has been working with wood flooring for twenty-five years. Some of that time has been spent at Turkey Hill, where he recently stopped by to share a few basic remedies for nicks and stains.


Wood floors should be refinished once every ten to fifteen years. In between, keep your finish looking fresh and clean with the following maintenance tips:


Spruce up worn areas with a light sanding, followed by a reapplication of urethane.Dents in pine and other soft woods can be reduced by laying damp flannel over an unsealed surface and heating the area briefly with an iron.Apply an ice pack to harden and remove candle drips, crayon marks, and gum.Minor stains can be rubbed out with fine steel wool. Stubborn stains may require oxalic acid, which is commonly used to clean outdoor decks.Regular cleaning with a mixture of two ounces of white vinegar and one gallon of water can prevent damage from built-up grit.

Mark Dunleavy


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