The work of artist Margaret Kerr combines her lifelong interests in landscape architecture and textile design. In gardens throughout East Hampton, New York, she creates what she calls brick rugs -- flat brick structures reminiscent in size, shape, and pattern of antique Persian and tribal Oriental rugs. Margaret first experimented with this art form in 1986 when she created a brick walkway for her family's medieval herb garden. Today, when developing a pattern for a new rug, she always explores a site's garden first.

Each of the rugs is based on a traditional structure, with borders and fringes simulated by positioning certain bricks to manipulate the light and shadow cast by the sun. The designs are first worked out with scraps of leftover brick at Margaret's home studio; once a rug takes shape, Margaret collaborates with a brick cutter to cut new bricks into the sizes and shapes called for by the pattern. The completed rug is transported to its site in a steel frame and installed with the help of a mason.

Special Thanks

Margaret Kerr. Margaret's work is commissioned through Arlene Bujese Gallery (516-324-2823).

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Martha Stewart Member
May 12, 2017
I love your work. I have never done any cutting on bricks. What tools do you recommend to get started, and is there somewhere you purchase bricks? New or repurpose? Thank you , your quite an inspiration.
Martha Stewart Member
January 21, 2015
Years ago I was inspired by her work to install 2 small rugs of my own. I had dogs digging under our gates. They have been wildly successful! They did a great job of dog proofing and had the unexpected but HUGE benefit of providing drainage when we have heavy rains. Her "rugs" are really beautiful and functional.