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Mum and Rose Hip Centerpiece

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2006


Here, lush golden 'Revert' and chartreuse 'Yoko Ono' mums are supported by fig branches; zinnias, spearmint, and celosia are accents. A vintage pudding mold gives the elegant display fresh appeal. For another take on these fall favorites, look below.

Mum and Rose Hip Centerpiece
Mums are versatile blooms, as charming in casual arrangements as in considered ones. Pale-yellow 'Ginger' and orange 'Gold Strike' mums are made livelier by crimson dahlias; clusters of ruby-red rose hips gleam like jewels between the flowers. As a centerpiece, the display sets a cheerful tone for a weekend brunch.

Centerpiece How-To
Rose hips grow on sturdy stems that can act as a support system for the other blooms. We arranged them in a ceramic container, and nestled that inside a tin mold. If your mold has an irregularly shaped bottom, set it on a tray before displaying on furniture in case it tips.


  1. Fill the container three-quarters of the way with water, and add rose hips; trim stems so the fruit spills over the container's edge. Set container inside mold.

  2. Clip mum and dahlia stems slightly longer than those of the rose hips; tuck the flowers into gaps in the display. This arrangement should last about a week.

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