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Crepe Paper Flowers

No matter how many treats you pile atop a party table, without a good centerpiece, the display will still seem incomplete.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


One idea, brought to us by "Martha Stewart Living" TV stylist Helen Quinn, was to showcase a few oversize crepe-paper blooms in a container -- a simple arrangement that looks great while the celebration is underway and enables each of your guests to go home with an enduring reminder of the event.


  • Crepe paper, in various colors

  • 3/16-inch wooden dowel

  • Small saw or clippers

  • Floral tape

  • Masking tape


  1. To make the center of the flower, cut a 6-inch strip across the width of a sheet of crepe paper, and fold it half lengthwise. Along the entire folded side, make 1-inch cuts about 1/4 inch apart. Cut another piece of crepe paper in a different color to the same measurements. After folding this piece lengthwise, cut along the open edge, creating a doubled loose fringe.

  2. Make the flower's petals by folding an entire sheet of crepe paper in half lengthwise and then crosswise. Fold it once more crosswise. Holding onto the folded edge, cut a zigzag pattern through all four layers on the opposite side, about 1 inch in from the open edge. Trim 1/2 inch along the entire folded edge, creating two long strips of crepe paper.

  3. Cut the dowel into thirds using a small saw or clippers. Starting with the center color, twirl the crepe paper around the end of the dowel, tacking it in place with masking tape. Go slowly around the center, building up layers in a circular motion, twisting and gathering as you go. When you reach the end of the crepe paper, secure it with another piece of masking tape.

  4. Wrap the base of the flower with green floral tape to create the stem.

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