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Perfect Rice

Everyday Food, Volume 6 October 2003

Try our no-fail technique for fluffy white rice; it also works with other types of rice. For consistent results, always use the same pan.

With tender grains and a mild flavor, long-grain white rice is the most versatile of all rices. It also has an almost indefinite shelf life when stored in a cool, dark place. "Converted" types of white rice have been parboiled so the grains are fluffy and separate when cooked.

Brown rice, unlike white rice, has not been stripped of its natural bran coating, which is what gives it a nutty flavor and chewy texture. It also has a longer cooking time and shorter shelf life (six months) than white rice.

This rice is prized for its delicate fragrance and fine grains, whether imported from India or cultivated in the United States (Texmati). It is often rinsed or soaked before cooking to help keep the grains separate.

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