Despite Texas's extreme climate, the plants that can be grown there are numerous and diverse. The Yucca Do Nursery, founded in the late 1980s as an adjunct of Peckerwood Garden, offers a variety of unusual plants that thrive in heat and humidity -- many of them are native to the region, others are their Asian and Mexican counterparts.

Owner Carl Schoenfield selects adaptable, easy-to-care-for plants that provide color, foliage, and texture year round. Some of his favorites include the frost-tolerant bromeliad Dyckia platyphylla, which produces bright-yellow flowers; spotted Drimiopsis maculata, also known as African hosta; the drought-tolerant Maurandya grandiflora; and colorful Stachys coccinea, which attracts hummingbirds. These unusual plants make attractive additions to any garden, especially those in the South.


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