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Wire Organizer

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, September 2008


Whether your work space is an office or a garden shed, this wall-mounted wire organizer can help maintain order.

Wire Organizer How-To
1) Wrap 14-gauge wire tightly around a 1/2-inch wooden dowel 3 times to create a loop; measure 5 inches along wire, and repeat, continuing to wrap and measure until you have 5 loops along 20 inches of wire. Snip off excess at first and last loops.

2) Form a diamond shape: Bend wire at loops, overlapping first and last. Using flat-nose pliers, twist 28-gauge wire around overlapped loops to secure. Repeat to make 3 more diamonds. Using nails, hang diamonds on wall in a larger diamond configuration. Slip in business cards, photographs, seed packets, and anything else you want to have handy.

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