1. Timer: Baked goods require a close watch. A timer helps you to monitor their progress.

2. Cake Pans: Round cake pans work well when making shortbread, in which a dough is baked, removed from the pan, and then cut into shapes.

3. Parchment Paper: When placed in the oven, parchment will not burn. It is used to line baking sheets to prevent baked goods from sticking and does not require greasing.

4. Large Offset Spatula: The thin metal blade makes this tool invaluable for frosting cakes. It's also helpful in rolling and in lifting cookies from the pan.

5. Large Flat Spatula: A flat spatula is used similarly to an offset spatula in making cookies.

6. Pancake Turner: This tool is useful for transferring large cookies.

7. Silpat: These mats, which are used sometimes instead of parchment to line baking sheets, are washable, reusable, and made of heat-resistant silicone.

8. Baking Sheet: Heavy-duty, shiny aluminum is best for even baking, and it will not curl or warp. Sheets are slightly curved on the short sides for easy gripping, and the flat edges allow you to slide cookies off parchment or a Silpat without disturbing their shapes.

9. Rimmed Baking Sheet: Like flat baking sheets, rimmed sheets are best when made from heavy-duty, shiny aluminum. The rims are useful when you are making bar cookies.

10. Thermometer: An oven thermometer will check the accuracy of your oven temperature, crucial to your baked goods.

11. Cooling Rack: Most often made of heavy-duty wire, cooling racks allow air to circulate around baked goods after they are removed from the oven.

12. Small Spatulas: Used in the same way as large spatulas, the smaller ones are handy for decorating small cookies.

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Martha Stewart Member
November 11, 2012
would love to know which is your favorite Cookie Gun Brand: battery powered are weak, electric ones burn out? i've broken hand cranked ones, or they are So Hard on my hands, lol. Which one do you like?
Martha Stewart Member
December 5, 2007
My question is whether or not I can use parchment paper instead of Silpat for cookies?
Martha Stewart Member
November 29, 2007
Would like to know your favorite cookie sheet and who makes it and where to buy them. I have tried quite a few that seem to warp or not cook even and the best one I had was actually a serving tray they used at a college and it was awesome.