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Paper-Cup Flowers

The Martha Stewart Show

Fold and glue miniature baking and candy cups to make flowers, or cut them into leaves.

Tools and Materials
Two paper cups
Fast-drying craft glue
Small gold brad

Paper Cup Flowers How-To
1. Snip two paper cups in half, as shown. Turn halves inside out.

2. Pleat each half, as shown. Secure pleats with a dab of fast-drying craft glue.

3. Join four pleats at their points with fast-drying craft glue.

4. Affix flower inside a third inside-out paper liner if desired. To finish, pierce the flower with a small gold brad. To make a more ornate flower, you can place a bit of embossed gold trim at the center before adding the brad, or glue cutout leaves beneath the flower.

Trim: similar gold and white, white braided (No. 900-00161-WT), and gold rickrack (No. 11041) from M&J Trimming. Paper Dresden Trim: Wild Rose Spray in Gold (DT030G) and Floral Hearts in Gold (DT007G) from

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