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Tulip Table Arrangements

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, April 2005


  • Tulips, assorted (Martha likes the Triumph, Parrot, and French varieties)

  • Pussy willow branches

  • Clear cylinder vase (4 inches by 7 inches)

  • Wooden bucket (see below for ordering the Mini Grain Bucket)

  • Flower food

  • Clear elastic bands

  • Scissors


  1. Cut pussy willow branches into 8- to 10-inch pieces.

  2. Make small bundles of 10 pieces and secure with clear rubber bands.

  3. Place the clear cylinder vase inside the wooden bucket.

  4. Wedge the bundles between the vase and the bucket.

  5. Pour warm water (plus flower food) into the vase.

  6. Arrange 20 tulips and secure them with a clear rubber band. Holding the tulips upside down while you're doing this works best.

  7. Evenly trim the tulip stems and place them in the vase.

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