Boxing is a fun and effective upper- and lower-body workout. It is high cardio and great for weight loss.

Boxing 101

1. Never lock out knees or elbows (this puts stress on the joint).

2. Keep ab muscles tight by pulling belly button in toward spine.

3. Keep body in a neutral position; don't arch or round the back.

4. All kicks should be kept low.

5. Your whole leg should act as a shock absorber (it's all in the form, so you have to get that down correctly).

How Often Should You Include Boxing in Your Routine?

Anywhere from one to three times a week. It's not weight-bearing, but you are conditioning your body. You can do this for an hour in each session, but after an hour, be prepared to feel like you've been in the ring with Muhammad Ali.

What Can You Expect to Achieve From Boxing?

1. These high cardio exercises all get your heart rate up: squat and punch, lunge with kick, and side kick with punch.

2. These exercises work all of the leg muscles, especially glutes (butt) and quads.

3. You will feel these exercises in your arms, back, and chest because you're constantly punching and lifting your arms, and contracting and releasing the muscle with each movement.

Who Benefits Most from This Type of Exercise?

Someone who wants to lose weight or someone who wants to fully condition their body. Many people are opting for a boxing workout instead of running on the treadmill.

Are There People Who Should Avoid This Routine?

Yes. People with knee or lower back issues, but you don't have to avoid it all together. Just modify your routine. Don't kick as high and or squat as low. Don't take the steps to an extreme intensity level. Mary Tedesco, Martha's personal trainer, suggests working with a professional at first to help get your form down.

What Are the Long-Term Benefits from All of These Exercises?

You are really conditioning all of your muscles, shedding away the pounds, and, again, there are major cardiovascular benefits.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Everlast for giving everyone in our studio audience a pair of gold boxing gloves.


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