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Making Chocolate Garnishes

The Martha Stewart Show, February 2007

Here is a sweet Good Thing to add to your Valentine's Day dessert that is very simple to create. You can make your own chocolate hearts to garnish your sorbet, ice cream, or even a slice of cake. All you need is some dark chocolate and Reynolds Parchment Paper.

Tools and Materials
Reynolds Parchment Paper
Scissors or a sharp paring knife

Chocolate Garnishes How-To
1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, taping the edges so it doesn't curl.

2. Using another sheet of parchment paper, create a cornet to pipe your chocolate.

3. To make the cornet: Cut an 8-by-12-by-14 1/2-inch triangle from a sheet of parchment paper.

4. Hold the middle of the long side of the triangle between two fingers of one hand. With the other hand, take the tip of the triangle on the short, wide end, and roll it toward the other tip of that same end, while simultaneously pulling it in an upward motion. The tip of the cone will form where your thumb and finger hold it on the long side.

5. Release your grip from the long side so you are now holding the two corners where they meet. The paper will already resemble a partially formed cone.

6. Roll the remaining tail until it is completely rolled into a cone. There will be one point sticking up from the open end. Fold it inside toward the center, and crease the fold. Now you should have a cornet.

7. To close the cornet once it has been filled, fold it away from the seam; this will keep the seam from opening. Use a pair of scissors or a sharp paring knife to cut an opening at the tip of the cornet to the desired size.

8. To make the design: Melt dark chocolate and let cool for a few minutes. Fill a cornet.

9. Pipe a design freehand. Or, trace the shape on the opposite side of the parchment paper with a pencil. Place baking sheet in refrigerator to cool for 15 minutes or until set.

10. Separate from parchment paper. Place delicately into sorbet or any other dessert. Consume within one day.

Reynolds Parchment Paper

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