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Pipe-Cleaner Candy Cane Ornament

Learn how to make candy-cane ornaments out of pipe cleaners.

Photography: Howard Bjornson

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2000


  • 5 1/2-inch-long red and white pipe cleaners

  • Scissors

  • Green pipe cleaner

  • Hot glue gun

  • Glass beads (optional)

  • Ribbon (optional)

  • Small ornament (optional)


  1. Twist together 5 1/2-inch red and white pipe cleaners (also called chenille stems).

  2. Make sure the stripes of the combined red-and-white stem are neatly spaced.

  3. Curl the top into a hook. Bend a 3-inch length of green pipe cleaner at 1/2-inch intervals to shape a holly leaf. Hot-glue the leaf ini place, then hot-glue on a cluster of glass beads for berries, or tie on a ribbon threaded with a small ornament.

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