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Winter Chicken Care

The Martha Stewart Show, December 2007

As the weather gets cooler, chickens require a little extra care to stay healthy and happy.

1. Make sure there is a source for fresh water at all times. If necessary, keep a small heater pointed at the water to make sure it does not freeze.

2. Chickens are very hearty and low temperatures do not bother them, but if there will be an extended period of below-zero weather, be sure to use a heat lamp over the chicken's roost.

3. Make sure there is a draft-free area in the barn for the chickens to roost.

4. Because chickens burn more calories in the winter, they will need a fattier feed. Use a wild bird seed block that has plenty of fat.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Bud Wood from McMurray Hatchery for providing this information.

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