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Paper Tops

In minutes, you can make tiny tops that are durable and compulsively twirlable.

Source: Kids Good Things 2006, Special Issue 2006


You will want to make several of these paper tops since some are sure to find their way into friends' pockets.


  • Toothpicks

  • Thin strips of paper (quilling paper works well since it's already cut into long, thin strips)

  • Glue

  • Paint pens (optional)


  1. Paint toothpicks with paint pens if you like; let dry.

  2. Glue one end of a 24-inch-long strip of paper just above the toothpick's tip. Roll tightly, and secure the end with glue. 

  3. Glue on another strip and continue rolling; repeat about six times to make a disc 1 1/4 inches across.

  4. To decorate, glue on thinner strips in other colors. Press the coiled paper between thumb and fingers to shape the top

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