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Harvest Centerpieces with Fruits and Leaves

There is so much emphasis placed on planning a Thanksgiving menu that the table setting is sometimes overlooked, but a festive centerpiece is an important element of any holiday meal. Instead of the traditional floral arrangements, consider a simple, elegant arrangement of seasonal produce.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Think about fall's unusual fruits and foliage, and let them inspire you. Search your local farmer's market or grocery store for gourds and colorful fruits, like figs, quinces, and star fruit, and gather oak leaves and branches. When arranged on tiered cake stands, these harvest-time items make a centerpiece that takes only minutes to create, leaving you with plenty of time to concentrate on the turkey.


  • Cake stands, assorted sizes

  • Glass bowls

  • Assorted fall foliage, such as oak leaves and branches

  • Assorted fall produce such as gourds, figs, star fruit, and quince


  1. Stack three glass cake stands on top of each other to create tiers. You may wish to place a small glass bowl on top of the highest cake stand to complete the tier. Start placing the leaves and branches on the cake stands. Arrange an assortment of figs, quinces, star fruit, and gourds on top of the leaves.

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