"Red is the hardest color to maintain because its molecules are larger than other color molecules in the color spectrum," Eva says. "This larger molecule sits closer to the hair surface instead of completely penetrating the hair, so it rinses away more quickly than other colors." As a professional colorist and salon owner, she advises the following:

1. We all like a hot shower, but when rinsing your hair, adjust the water to a tepid temperature while rinsing out shampoo and conditioner. Because of its molecular structure, red color is sensitive to heat, which makes the cuticle expand, releasing precious color.

2. Do not overcondition. Stay away from deep conditioning masks and treatments for the first two weeks after having color done.

3. Try a leave-in conditioner; this allows you to omit one rinse in the shower.

4. The sun can fade your color, so look for sun block in your hair-care products.

5. Don't forget about your eyebrows. The best way to look like a natural redhead is to slightly warm the real color of your eyebrows. Ask your stylist to tint them a warm, red-based brunette.


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