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Embellished Heart Candy Box

Give your valentine one-of-a-kind gift packaging using an embellished heart-shaped candy box.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show


Lay out embellishments on heart-shaped box until you are happy with the design. If you're folding and gluing miniature baking and candy cups to make flowers, follow steps 1 through 4.

Resources: Dresden and other vintage trims and embellishments can be found at Ribbon, trim, and additional embellishments are available at Shells can be found at Fill your embellished heart candy box with irresistible sweets using this recipe for indulgent Chocolate Truffles, courtesy of chocolatier Chuck Siegel.


  • Scissors

  • Martha Stewart Crafts heart candy box

  • Embellishments: glitter, Dresden, ribbon, trim, shells, baking and candy cups, etc.

  • Craft glue


  1. Snip two paper cups in half, as shown below. Turn halves inside out.

  2. Pleat each half, as shown below. Secure pleats with a dab of fast-drying craft glue.

  3. Join four pleats at their points with fast-drying craft glue.

  4. Affix flower inside a third inside-out paper liner if desired. To finish, pierce the flower with a small gold brad. To make a more ornate flower, you can place a bit of embossed gold trim at the center before adding the brad, or glue cutout leaves beneath the flower.

  5. Fill box with candies or other goodies, using the paper candy cups that are included with the heart-shaped box.

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