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Arranging Tree Peonies

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Tree peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa) are woody-stemmed shrubs that grow taller than their more common herbaceous counterparts (P. lactiflora). Both produce large blooms with bright, ruffled, taffeta-like petals in late spring. Even a lone flower makes a striking centerpiece; simply place it in a small vase or goblet filled with room-temperature water.



  1. Martha creates a multicolored arrangement of tree peonies in a white ironstone bowl.

  2. Before adding the flowers, she sets several small flower frogs in the bottom of the bowl to hold the stems.

  3. To avoid scratches in a glass or ceramic container and to hold the frog in place, apply floral clay around the perimeter of the frog.

  4. Then, you need only insert a handful of tree peonies to create a lush arrangement.

  5. If the bowl is fairly shallow, you may not need to use a flower frog at all; simply prop the flowers up on their stems around the rim of the bowl.

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