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Monogrammed Velvet Ribbon

Source: Martha Stewart Living





  • Iron

  • Rubber stamps (Tip: Stamps that have intricate patterns or are too shallow will produce less-than-perfect results).

  • Velvet ribbon (Tip: Ribbon needs to wide enough to accommodate the stamps. Silk ribbons and silk-rayon blends work best).


  1. Cut a ribbon to desired length; to create a monogrammed ribbon for a photo album, cut the ribbon the length of front and back covers, plus binding, and 2 extra inches (the extra ribbon on ends will wrap around inside covers). Use a fabric pen on the reverse side of the ribbon to mark stamp placement.

  2. With the steam function off, preheat the iron to the cotton or wool setting. Place the rubber stamp, relief side up, on a sturdy, heatproof surface. Place the ribbon, pile side down, over the stamp. Using the portion of the iron's soleplate that has no steam holes, press down evenly on the ribbon, covering the stamp.

  3. Hold the iron in place without moving for 10 to 30 seconds. Then lift the iron straight up off the ribbon. (If the ribbon sticks to the iron, the heat setting may be too high or the velvet used may contain heat-sensitive synthetics.)

  4. Gently remove the ribbon from the stamp, and check whether the image is clear. Let ribbon cool.

  5. To attach the ribbon to a photo album, carefully apply a low-moisture paste-style glue, such as Yes Paste, to inside front cover, and secure ribbon end. Let dry 5 minutes. Then wrap ribbon around album, and glue other end inside back cover.

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