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Baby Booties

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, April/May 2007


  • Felt

  • Fusible webbing tape

  • Iron

  • Needle and thread

  • Sewing machine

  • Binder clips

  • Snaps


  1. Download and print baby bootie template.

  2. Cut pieces of felt.

  3. Fuse together cuff pieces by sandwiching fusible webbing tape in between and ironing.

  4. Fuse together the two main body pieces.

  5. Fuse toe piece to main body piece.

  6. Hand-stitch details around toe and cuffs.

  7. Bring the two back edges together form into shoe.

  8. Use sewing machine to sew back seam.

  9. Fuse together the two layers of the sole pieces; you can also embellish sole.

  10. Use binder clips to attach the sole to the main body of the bootie.

  11. Blanket stitch to finish. Download blanket stitch illustration here.

  12. Sew snaps onto cuffs.

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