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Shooting Star Christmas Lights

Photography: Victoria Pearson

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 3048


  • Bamboo

  • Hand pruner

  • Small and large zip ties

  • Scissors

  • Drill

  • 44-inch length of 1-by-2-inch pine

  • Measuring tape

  • Finishing nails or brads

  • Light strand

  • Binder ring

  • Blackout caps


  1. Cut bamboo to size with hand pruner. Arrange stakes in a 5-pointed star.

  2. Secure the inner 5 points with small zip ties. Secure the outer 5 points with large zip ties. Cut ends of zip ties.

  3. Drill 5 holes into the 44-inch length of 1-by-2-inch pine, spacing first hole 2 inches from the top and other holes 10 inches apart.

  4. Place binder ring in each hole. Place binder ring on inner point of star.

  5. Hang star on tree with finishing nails or brads and hang the wood strip on another tree, lower than star.

  6. Secure prong end of lights to top binder ring with zip ties. Trim tie ends.

  7. Pass light strand through binder ring on star and back toward strip, plugging in more light strands as needed. 

  8. Insert strand through next binder ring down on strip, and loop it back through star's ring. Repeat, finishing at strip's bottom ring.

  9. Use blackout caps to conceal the lights between each star.

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