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Vampire Makeup

Source: Halloween 2000


Greenish skin and sinister eyes are classic traits of the undead.


  • Latex vampire ears

  • No-color powder

  • Spirit gum

  • Alcohol

  • Makeup brushes

  • Green, black, and white cream makeup

  • Makeup sponges

  • Castor oil

  • Cotton swabs

  • Black eyebrow pencil

  • Fake hair

  • Red hairspray

  • Fangs


  1. Fit latex vampire ears over your ears; powder to create an outline. Remove. Apply spirit gum to ear and inside latex ear tip; let dry until tacky. Press in place, using outline as a guide. If you make a mistake, rub with alcohol to soften glue; remove and reapply.

  2. Seal edges by brushing with spirit gum diluted with a few drops of alcohol.

  3. Apply green makeup with sponge; add a few drops of castor oil to makeup for ears (cream makeup alone won't stick to latex). 

  4. Line under eyes; blend with cotton swab. Lightly brush black cream makeup around eyes. Using eyebrow pencil, brush brows upward.

  5. Lightly shadow with gray makeup (mix white and black) in hollows of cheeks and creases around nose. Draw dark lines with brow pencil upward from inside corners of eyes and down to mouth lines.

  6. For beard, apply spirit gum to small patch of skin starting at neck. Spread a few strands of hair between fingers; press in place with brush handle. Human or yak hair is most realistic, and most expensive. Crepe hair works well, but must be straightened before use. Simply unbraid it, wet it, and let it hang overnight to stretch the fibers.

  7. Layer facial hair for natural effect, working upward on neck, downward on cheeks, chin, and sideburns. Trim ends unevenly.

  8. For mustache, glue long strands over lip; trim, cutting into mustache, not across it bluntly. 

    To finish: Tease hair, spray with red hairspray; insert fangs.

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