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Flashy Lights

It's October 31, and children everywhere have been replaced by innumerable creatures from other planets and other worlds, although they all speak a common language: Trick or Treat.

Source: Halloween 2000, Volume 2000 Special Issue 2000


Before you send your little spirits out into the neighborhood, make sure they won't be invisible to oncoming cars. Transform an ordinary flashlight into a creepy accessory, and even the most ghoulish of ghosts will want one of his or her own.


  • Flashlights

  • Vellum, tissue, or glassine paper

  • Pen

  • Scissors


  1. Find flashlights in colors that complement your children's costumes' black for the undead, blue or red for super-heroes, and pink for princesses.

  2. Use vellum, tissue, or glassine paper; heavy vellum works best for designs that need some structure, like the skull. Flowers and flames look best in glassine and heavy tissue, which are sturdy but have fluidity.

  3. To make the skull, stack two sheets of paper, draw your design on one, and cut out simultaneously from both. For petals, accordion-fold a strip of paper, and cut many petals out at once. To make a torch, cut a strip measuring the circumference of the flashlight rim, then tear points into one side, so edges will impart a fiery effect.

  4. For a curly cuff, cut points into another strip, and use scissors to curl each point, as you would with ribbon. Use double-sided tape to secure designs to the inside of the flashlight rim, or layer decorations on the inside and out for a more intricate look.

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