Jill Dienst of the Dienst + Dotter antiques shop shares pieces of an exquisite collection of Scandinavian pottery.

Featured Pottery

1. Rare vase with chrystalline glaze (1911)

Valdemar Englehart (Danish 1860-1915)

2. Bronze lidded vase (1920)

Patrick Nordstrom (Swedish/Danish 1870-1929)

3. Two vases (both circa 1940)

Arne Bang (Danish 1901-1987)

4. Group of three vases and bowl (1940s/1960s)

Berndt Friberg, (Swedish 1899-1981)

5. Early vase -- very rare (1926-1928)

Gunnar Nylund, (Danish/Swedish 1904-1989)

6. Lidded pot -- rare "Family Hug" top (1949)

Bode Willumsen (Danish 1895-1987)

7. Series of three vases (2006)

Christine Schou Christensen (Danish, born 1973)

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Jill Dienst of Dienst + Dotter for sharing these beautiful pieces.


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