Flower frogs are made of lead, pottery, glass, or bronze and sit at the bottom of a bowl or a vase to hold even the trickiest flower arrangements firmly in place.

Make your own by balling up a square piece of chicken wire. The ball should be large enough to press against the sides of the container and stay snugly in place. Or secure a smaller ball to the bottom with floral adhesive. You can also make a flower frog using tape, florist foam, coiled grapevine, or hard cranberries.

Keep several kinds on hand: The spiky variety are good for thin, flimsy stems; ones with holes are suited to the thicker stems of tulips and lilies; and hairpin frogs with wire loops are best for stiff stems and branches.


Flower frogs are available at flower shops and garden stores. Vintage frogs can be found at flea markets, garage sales, and antique stores, where they sometimes cost less than $2. But they're also sought-after collectibles and can be pricey.


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