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Cowboy Cutouts

These fun and simple cutouts add instant charm to any party. You can easily tailor them to any party theme. In addition to making a cowboy, try making clowns, animals, or superheroes. Then, frame pictures of your favorite cowboy or cowgirl using a a "Wanted" poster clip art or parchment paper clip art.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, May 2006


Building Cutouts
Make your own Old West town with building cutouts for a:
Blacksmith (front and back) (first floor and second floor)
Hotel (first floor and second floor)
Saloon (first floor and second floor)
Sheriff (front and back) (first floor and second floor)
General store (first floor and second floor)

Each building will need two 4-by-8-foot pieces of cardboard and two 52-inch cardboard poster tubes to support the awning. Also, give your buildings extra Old West charm with this wood grain clip art.


  • Heavy-duty cardboard (see step 2 below for size)

  • Colored papers, for "clothing"

  • Matte knife

  • Zip ties

  • Broom handle

  • Block of wood (for cutout stand), optional

  • Bandanna, optional

  • Gloves, optional

  • Belt buckle, optional

  • Cowboy boots, optional


  1. Glue colored papers on top of a sheet of heavy-duty cardboard to create a "shirt" and "pants."

  2. Have someone lie down on a piece of cardboard and use a marker to trace around the body, not including the head or extremities.

  3. Use matte knife to cut out the shape.

  4. Make two sets of holes in the "collar" and "belt buckle" area. Thread zip ties in the holes and attach the cutout to a broom handle.

  5. Stick the cutout in the block of wood, in front of a bale of hay, or in your lawn. Dress your cutout by tying on a bandanna, adding gardening gloves, attaching a belt buckle, and putting on boots.

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