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Wine-Label Album Kit

This special wine-label keepsake kit allows your family and friends to easily collect labels from their favorite bottles of wine and preserve them in a beautiful notebook.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2006


  • Wine bottle with label

  • Basket of your choice

  • Clean cloth

  • Label savers

  • Notebook

  • Bone folder (optional)


  1. Wipe label with a clean cloth, and be sure it's dry.

  2. Use 5-by-6-inch wine-label savers from Wine Enthusiast.

  3. While holding pull tab, remove the protective backing of the label.

  4. Carefully position sticker on the label, leaving 1/4 inch around the edge.

  5. Use a bone folder or other hard tool to press sticker very securely onto the label, and trace the edges of the border to make sure it's sticking securely.

  6. Peel back label slowly and evenly.

  7. Place label in notebook.

  8. With a basket of your choice, add a bottle of wine, wine-label stickers, and the label notebook into a kit.

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