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Flower Arrangement with Jeff

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


In fact, his approach to texture and color is so extraordinary that it has earned him the nickname "Rock 'n' Roll Florist." Today, Jeff reveals some of the artful -- and rather unusual -- techniques he uses to create two of his signature creations: a lofty bunch of tilted long-stem roses that appears to defy gravity and a lavish display of stacked bubble vases filled with submerged blooms and set atop graceful pink carnation petals.


  1. To create the tilted-roses arrangement, begin with a tall, strong vase and a generous bunch of long-stem hybrid tea roses (Jeff uses about 30 blushing 'Jacaranda' roses, while Martha uses about 25 dark-red 'Black Beauty' roses).

  2. Line your work surface with a soft cloth, then turn the flowers upside down so all the roses' faces are resting directly on the cloth-lined work surface. After lightly shaking the flowers on the cloth so the heads fall flat, trim all the stems' ends to the same length (the stems should still be long), using a very sharp knife or bypass pruners. Turn the flowers right side up, and place the bunch in the vase, tipping them to one side and submerging only a small portion of the stems in the water. The side of the vessel will support the weight of the roses.

  3. To make a display of bubble vases resembling Jeff's, begin by filling about 10 bubble vases halfway with water. (Be sure to handle these fragile vases with care. Never attempt to lift or move them from the rim or lip; instead always carry them from the bottom.)

  4. Gather flowers such as orchids, calla lilies, hydrangeas, irises, and carnations in shades of pink and purple. Pop the heads off the hydrangeas, roses, and orchids, and submerge them in the bubble bowls as desired. For the calla lilies, leave the stems long, and gently bend them into the vase, creating a curved effect.

  5. Create four stacks of two bubble vases, tilting each top vase so its opening faces forward; leave two vases unstacked. If desired, add Perrier or other carbonated water to the vases for a sparkling effect. Snip the heads off of the carnations at the throat, creating as many petals as desired to line the display. Set the petals along a table or other surface and arrange the stacked and unstacked vases atop them as desired.

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