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Tools for Making Dough

1. Spoonula: This tool is helpful when scraping the sides of bowls while mixing dough.

2. Sifter/Sieve: A small colander, made of fine mesh wire and with a long handle, is used to combine dry ingredients and also to aerate flour. This tool can also serve as a sifter for dusting confectioners' sugar or other decorations on top of cookies and cakes.

3. Graduated Measuring Spoons: These are used for measuring both liquid and dry ingredients. Be sure to measure ingredients carefully and accurately: Pour a liquid ingredient, such as vanilla extract, to the brim of the spoon, and level dry ingredients, like salt, with a straight edge, such as a small offset spatula.

4. Small Rubber Spatula: This tool is particularly useful to scrape small amounts of ingredients from measuring cups.

5. Large Flat Rubber Spatula: Use the flat spatula in the same way as the spoonula.

6. Rasp Grater: This grater, which resembles a small ruler, is made of metal and has small, sharp blades. It is used to grate citrus zests, fresh ginger, and dried spices, such as whole nutmeg.

7. Graduated Measuring Cups: For greatest accuracy, use metal or plastic measuring cups for dry ingredients, such as flour. Scoop the ingredient into the cup, and then level it with a straight edge.

8. Scale: A small electronic scale is used to weigh nuts and dried fruit when measuring ingredients. It can also be used for measuring dough balls for uniform cookies and weighing bulk amounts of dough.

9. Liquid Measuring Cup: Made of heat-resistant glass or plastic, a liquid measure is used so you can read marks at eye level for greatest accuracy.

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