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Ribbon Reinvented: Store-Bought Bows

Photography: Gentl and Hyers


Each December they spring up everywhere by the bagful, economical standbys you can make uniquely beautiful. Freed by scissors, their coils uncurl into ruffly blooms; paired, those blooms become fluffy pom-poms. Amassed on a gift, even basic bows seem luxurious. You'll need lots, so buy them in bulk.


  • Store-bought gift bows

  • Scissors

  • Double-sided tape


  1. For best results, snip each loop at an angle, rather than straight across the middle. Fill an empty spot on a large bow with a smaller snipped bow, affixed with its adhesive backing. Then fill the center with a matching coil of ribbon attached with double-sided tape.

  2. Cover the top of a present with identical bows or use different sizes and colors for a varied effect. Reattach any that pop off with a hot-glue gun.


    Like Champagne bubbles, these bows cast a heady spell. Follow instructions under "Cut Flowers" with two bows, but leave each center loop uncut; stick the pair together. Attach to gifts with double-sided tape. To create a tassel, sandwich ribbon between the two bows.



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