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Salad Spinner

Everyday Food, Volume 5 September 2003

This inexpensive utensil makes it easy to wash, dry, and even store all types of lettuce, so you can toss together salads in no time.

Why It's So Great
Lettuce must be washed and dried before being served. Drying leaves in paper towels is time-consuming. A salad spinner, on the other hand, dries greens in seconds and is an efficient storage container for dried lettuce, keeping it crisp and fresh for days in the refrigerator.

What to Look For
Most spinners have three parts: an outer bowl, a perforated inner bowl, and a lid with a spinning mechanism (either a pull-cord or a dial). Outer bowls with no holes are ideal for soaking the greens before spinning.

How to Use It
Soak lettuce in several changes of cold water, agitating it gently to loosen grit. Transfer lettuce to inner bowl; discard water. Place inner bowl in outer bowl, attach lid, and spin several times to dry. Blot lettuce with paper towels, if needed.

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