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Mistletoe: Mistletoe Wreath How-To

Photography: Dana Gallagher

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2001


  1. Stretch a round 12-inch double-wreath form into an oval shape.

  2. Using 24-gauge floral wire, wrap 3-inch mistletoe tips in small bunches of threes and fours. Repeat with 4- and 5-inch mistletoe tips.

  3. Starting at the top of the wreath, secure smaller bunches, adding 4-inch, and then 5-inch, bunches as you work toward the bottom of the form.

  4. To make berry clusters, cut about twenty-two 6-inch pieces of 28-gauge wire. String three beads onto each wire, and twist the ends of the wire. As you attach mistletoe to the form, wire in a berry cluster after every few bunches.

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