Medusa Hair

Inexpensive rubber pests are all you need to create a creepy Halloween costume.


Create squirming braids reminiscent of the mythological reptilian-haired woman.

Tip: Add an intimidating reptilian slither to your handshake. Choose a small rubber snake, and weave it through your fingers and over the back of your hand. Use eyelash glue or skin-adhesive squares beneath the snake to hold it in place.

What You'll Need


  • Hair extensions
  • Bobby pins
  • Rubber snakes


  1. Buy three hair extensions and braid them. If you have long hair, separate it into ponytails and braid them, too. For short hair, just pin up ends.

  2. Wrap braids (real and extensions) into a bun; pin, and weave in small snakes.

  3. Use bobby pins to secure larger snakes that dangle: Thread a needle with wire and poke it through a snake's underside, and tie wire around a pin; slide pin into hair.

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