Inexpensive rubber pests are all you need to create a creepy Halloween costume.

Create squirming braids reminiscent of the mythological reptilian-haired woman.

Tip: Add an intimidating reptilian slither to your handshake. Choose a small rubber snake, and weave it through your fingers and over the back of your hand. Use eyelash glue or skin-adhesive squares beneath the snake to hold it in place.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Buy three hair extensions and braid them. If you have long hair, separate it into ponytails and braid them, too. For short hair, just pin up ends.

Step 2

Wrap braids (real and extensions) into a bun; pin, and weave in small snakes.

Step 3

Use bobby pins to secure larger snakes that dangle: Thread a needle with wire and poke it through a snake's underside, and tie wire around a pin; slide pin into hair.


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