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Martha's Traveling Tips

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2009

When it comes to traveling, Martha loves to mix a bit of business with pleasure. Her work often takes her to places where she can sight-see and experience the local culture. 

Each month going forward in Martha Stewart Living, Martha will be sharing some of her adventures and traveling tips, such as where to stay and whether you'll need a tour guide. The "Martha Travels to Prague" feature in the April 2009 issue highlights a trip she took last summer and showcases some photos she snapped while touring.

Martha's trip to Prague, Czech Republic, was spontaneously planned while she was working in Poland and found herself with a few days to fill. Luckily, she brought along some essential items so she could keep good records to share. Here are some items Martha always travels with:

  • Camera
  • Two memory cards
  • The Martha Bag
  • A journal
  • A Phaidon City Guide to Prague with map
  • Laptop to download photos and write captions (to be used with the Scandoo)

Prague Traveling Tips
If you're planning a trip to Prague, Martha suggests reserving a hotel in a central location. An out-of-the-way hotel might be charming, but you'll end up spending a lot on taxi fares. She also suggests hiring a tour guide if you only have a few days to visit. A well-informed guide will point you to the most important sites and tailor the trip to your interests. If you decide against hiring a guide, stop in at a popular cafe, such as cremeria Milano. Go there in the morning and introduce yourself to locals sipping their cappuccinos; you can usually rely on getting some great advice.

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