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Different Ways to Tie a Scarf

The Martha Stewart Show, December 2007

A scarf is a winter basic that sometimes gets overlooked, but it can really add a lot. We all get tired of our jacket during the long winter months, but a scarf tied in a unique way can change things up a bit. You can also keep your scarf on after you take off your jacket to add warmth and color to any outfit.

Tying Technique: Loop Through
This technique works well with an extra-long scarf if you want to shorten it. You can also wear this look without a coat to keep you warm in an office or add a touch of color to a basic sweater.

Tying Technique: Funnel
This technique creates a clean look that adds warmth and flair, and gives you the look of a turtleneck.

Tying Technique: Ascot
This adds an interesting touch to the neckline of your jacket. Its very stylish, polished look, great for the evening, can dress up a jacket -- especially collarless ones.

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