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Bridesmaid Revisited: Maxi Dress Transformation


Source: Blueprint, July/August 2007


Always a bridesmaid -- and you have the bank account and clothes closet to show for it. Yes, they may be pretty dresses, but something keeps you from wearing them again. To that end, here is an easy no-sew alteration for after the altar. The silk-taffeta ensemble you wore only once need not sit in your closet till death do you part. Here's how to turn weddingwear into ready-to-wear.


  • Slightly stuffy sleeveless top and full-length skirt

  • Fabric paint (Jacquard textile color)

  • Assorted sponge paintbrushes (sold at craft stores)


  1. Put the skirt on a clothes hanger (clipping a length of kraft paper between its layers) and hang it from a door.

  2. Using a yardstick, lightly pencil a straight line down the center front of the skirt to serve as a guide.

  3. Now prepare the paint, adding enough water to the pigment to achieve the consistency of milk, and then use the sponge brushes -- one for each color -- to make vertical stripes. Start with the center band and work out from there, revisiting the yardstick if necessary. (It's okay if the edges bleed into each other a little.) If you have a dark skirt, try fabric spray paint in silver or white with stencils or, graffiti it.

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