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Punch Bowl Prop How-To

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2006


Fill this vessel with dry ice for a smoldering display, or use it to serve punch (omitting the dry ice). Wear gloves when handling dry ice and use it in well-ventilated areas.


  • Ruler

  • Two pumpkins (one about 2/3 the size of the other)

  • Grease pencil

  • Keyhole saw

  • Fleshing tool

  • Tape

  • Awl

  • Short length of square brass tubing (bent in on the flat sides to form a 4-pointed star)

  • Wood screw and screwdriver

  • A glass bowl

  • Dry ice


  1. Use ruler to measure the halfway point on each pumpkin, and draw a horizontal line around circumferences with grease pencil. Cut pumpkins in half; discard tops. Lightly scrape insides clean. Tape templates to pumpkins (starting at the backs, since templates won't meet up exactly). Poke holes with awl along outline of the patterns; continue around pumpkins, moving template as you go.

  2. Use keyhole saw to cut out shapes along dotted lines and tubing to cut tiny holes.

  3. Place larger pumpkin on top of inverted smaller one. Use a 2-inch wood screw to fasten pumpkins to each other. Insert glass bowl, and fill with water and dry ice.

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