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Silver-Leafing Candlesticks

Source: Martha Stewart


Gilding leaf, available in silver, gold, and other metallic colors, brings a rich luster to unfinished wooden pieces. When applying the leaf, wear gloves and handle the delicate sheets carefully.


  • Size (an adhesive available at art-supply stores)

  • Unfinished wooden candlesticks

  • Small craft brush

  • Cotton gloves

  • Gilding leaf (in silver or gold)

  • Soft-bristle brush


  1. Apply size to the top and sides of a candlestick, using a small craft brush. Let size set until it becomes tacky, about 20 minutes.

  2. Put on cotton gloves, and lift a silver-leaf sheet. Drape over top of candlestick, and smooth gently with fingertips, working it inside the candlestick opening. Using soft-bristle brush, even out texture, removing stray flakes of leaf. Repeat, overlapping sheets slightly, until top and sides of candlestick are covered.

  3. Reapply size and leaf to sections that aren't fully covered, as directed above. Then flip candlestick over, and apply size and leaf to bottom of candlestick, as directed above.

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