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Bat Jar

A simple jar gets a spooky spin with this fun bat craft.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2009


To offset the amount of beans needed to fill the jar, place an empty plastic container or a ball of bubble wrap in the center of the jar. Fill around the item and to the top of the jar with white beans.

Resources: The Xyron Creative Station is available on


  • White or cream card stock

  • Xyron Creative Station with permanent adhesive cartridge

  • Black beans

  • White beans (like cannellini)

  • Large jar or container

  • Bubble wrap, empty plastic container with lid, or other item to act as filler


  1. Print bat template on card stock. Trim card stock to a size to fit the jar or container, and run through Xyron so the front of the template is covered in adhesive.

  2. Peel paper to expose adhesive. Cover the black area with black beans, and the white area with white beans.

  3. When the sheet is fully covered, curve and slide into jar or container. Press against glass.

  4. Fill jar with white beans.

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