1. Bring the dogs to their beds, show them cookies, and place the cookies on the beds.

2. Once the dogs eat the cookies, give them the sit command.

3. Put another treat on the beds, but this time take the dogs two feet back. Then tell them to go to their beds and get the treats.

4. Place stuffed Kongs on the beds. This time, take the dogs back four feet. Then tell them to go to their beds and get the treats.

5. Pick up one dog; the other dog should stay on its bed with a sustained food reward, indicating how this approach is beginning to work.


The dog beds used in this segment are from Martha used a classic Kong and puppy Ziggies from Kong. Contact the company at:

16191 Table Mountain Parkway

Golden, CO 80403

Phone: 303-216-2626

Special Thanks

Kathy Santo

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Martha Stewart Member
January 6, 2019
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Martha Stewart Member
July 2, 2012
Luci (3) is jealous of Xena (12) and would gladly replace her and has challenged her several times. It's quite a dominance issue, so I'll try this method. As for the Kong's: well the standard one is still whole, and the other two in which treats are put, are too chewed through to be safe any longer . . . so have been trashed.